Roger V. Sutherland
January 2015
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MIRRORS AND WINDOWS: Images by T.H.E. (Through her Eyes) Photography Collective
February 2015

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Peter Dumans
March 2015
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THROUGH NATURE'S DOOR: Metamorphosis and Other Common Marvels,
Judith Johnson
April 2015
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THROUGH NATURE'S DOOR: Metamorphosis and Other Common Marvels,
Sharon Ann Johnson
April 2015
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SURPRISED BY JOY: Photography Laurie Harper-Winning
May 2015

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PEOPLE PLUS: Paintings...Drawings....Collages
Annemarie Layman
June 2015

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PEOPLE PLUS: Paintings...Drawings....Collages
Jean Wiens
June 2015

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Suzanne Barrow
July 2015

RESCUE Rx: Paintings
Lori Zébière
August 2015

THE COLOURS OF LIGHT: Paintings Elizabeth Delgatty
September 2015

Alphonsine Koehler
October 2015

Wayne Arthur Gallery Events for 2015
*All events are subject to change. Some dates still to be determined.


Come into the gallery and write a poem about a piece of art in the gallery. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 5 PM.

Maximum of three (3) poems per poet.

Contest starts May 2nd and runs until May 26th.

Come out to the gallery on Saturday, May 30 at 7 PM and read your poem and listen to others.

Contest open to all.
Refreshments will be served.


Drawings by Wayne Arthur


Laurie Harper-Winning, an avid reader who is knowledgeable about Canadian literature, an experienced Toastmaster judge and the President of Sherlock Holmes Club.

MAY 2015

SURPRISED BY JOY: Photography by Laurie Harper-Winning
From May 2 to June 3
Reception: Sunday, May 3 from 1 to 4 PM


The theme for this photography exhibit is derived from a poem by William Wordsworth. If one can define joy as elation, delight and bliss, then this describes the photographic process. Making images and developing them in the digital darkroom is fun, even after years of toting a camera to many parts of the world.
The “Joy” series includes recent abstracts, landscapes, light paintings and nightscapes. The mixed media images incorporate fabric, inks and paints, found objects and paper.


Laurie Harper-Winning is a largely self-taught photographer. She returned to photography with the advent of the digital camera. Laurie is currently exploring collages, portraits and digital painting. This is her third solo show.

JUNE 2015

PEOPLE PLUS: Paintings...Drawings....Collages
by Annemarie Layman and Jean Wiens
From June 5 to July 1
Reception: Sunday, June 7 from 1 to 4 PM


This show depicts the interest both artists have in people and how they are influenced by their own environment. The collective works are an example of how the two artists approach their similar passion in very different ways. Namely, through paintings, collage and colored pencil.


Annemarie Layman is a Winnipeg artist who graduated with a Fine Arts and Education degree from the University of Manitoba.  She has showcased her work in a number of juried exhibitions and has received several awards.  Currently she is affiliated with the Manitoba Society of Artists, the Winnipeg Sketch Club, cre8ery, Local Colours and Eastern Manitoba Artist Collective.  For many years she was a teacher with the Winnipeg 1 School Division and today she concentrates on building her career as an artist.

Annemarie Layman is a multimedia artist who researches and explores images from the Renaissance through contemporary realism using collage, printing and stenciling. She creates her own collage materials with watercolour, acrylics and found objects.
In my art I focus mainly on incorporating painting with mixed media. Here I am able to work with collage, printmaking, found objects, patterns, texture and colour, applied through numerous layers. With mixed media I find I can create a stronger sense of depth thus exploring the human environment. My inspirations are drawn from flashbacks, photographs, travels and anecdotes gathered throughout the years. I am interested in our past and the cultures which have shaped us. My subject matter ranges from the representational to the abstract. I find the work strongest when juxtaposed between realism and abstraction.

Jean Wiens is a multi-media artist with a very deep interest in people and mental telepathy. She also loves to garden and uses her photographic images in her collages. Jean spent four years studying at the University of Manitoba in the Fine Arts Program and has received several awards for her work. Jean Wiens has exhibited art in Winnipeg since the 1980s with various Art Groups and Galleries, for example, the Adelaide McDermot Gallery, the Cre8ery Gallery, The Wayne Arthur Gallery and City Park Conservatory. She has been in many Juried Shows including The Manitoba Society of Artists, the Red River Ex. and The Mennonite Heritage Gallery and has received several awards for her work. Jean attended the University of Manitoba for four years in the fine arts program. Jean is a member of The Cre8ery Gallery, the Manitoba Society of Artists and The Winnipeg Art gallery.
The images I use in my art are represented in a symbolic manner. The people I use are not actual portraits of people. They are purely imaginary.
In the past few years I have started creating collages and thoroughly enjoy doing them. There is no limit as to what you can create using a variety of material and your imagination.
I am a great believer in the power of the human mind. I believe it has no limits and we are beginning to realize how powerful it really is. I try to depict this in my art using various symbols.

JULY 2015

POURING MY HEART OUT: Paintings by Suzanne Barrow
Opening Sunday, July 5 from 1 to 4 PM
And continues to July 29th


The title of this show "Pouring Her Heart Out" is taken literally when Suzanne begins each painting by pouring the paints onto her surface, encouraging the colour and the medium to meld together.  Each one is unique and leads the viewers on a voyage of discovery as their eyes journey throughout the piece.  This series of poured pieces, done in Watercolour and Acrylic is full of colour and is a visual treat.


As an award winning visual artist, Suzanne Barrow specializes in large landscapes with endless skies over land and water.  While most of these works are painted in oils, the artist also enjoys watercolours, acrylics and mixed media, and often takes a detour from her norm to indulge in more contemporary pieces that flirt with the abstract.  This show is one of these detours.  Enjoy the ride!


RESCUE Rx: Paintings by Lori Zébière
From August 2 to 26
Reception: Thursday, August 6, from 7 to 9 PM


The paintings in the Rescue Rx show were inspired by images and stories shared by animal rescue and rehabilitation workers, volunteers and adopters. The world of animal rescue can, at times, be an emotionally painful one. Workers and volunteers often deal with immeasurable grief, anger and guilt at the loss, neglect and abuse they are forced to witness on a daily basis. The intent of Rescue Rx is to focus on the positive experiences that come from being involved in the world of rescue through exploration of the human-animal relationship via the reciprocating benefits that each has on the other. As much as there are sad days, there are also happy ones. Watching an injured eagle fly free once again, or seeing an old unwanted dog wiggle like a puppy when he meets his brand new loving forever family are the rewards for enduring the tough days. As much as they need us, we need them. These success stories are a prescription for the wellbeing of all.


Lori Zébière loves to paint any and all animals, creatures and critters, but especially dogs. Born in the Chinese zodiac’s year of the Metal Dog, she feels a kindred connection with canines and can’t imagine life without them. Lori also volunteers with the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre.


THE COLOURS OF LIGHT: Paintings by Elizabeth Delgatty
Opening Sunday, August 30, from 1 to 4 PM
and continues to Wednesday, September 30th


Elizabeth’s paintings demonstrate how a shaft of light can bring hopes of spring to a dreary winter’s day or full sunlight can turn an industrial eyesore into a vision of beauty.  Her new painting series done in watercolour, acrylic and pastel brings the many colours of light into focus and will dazzle you with the effects of sunlight on the landscape.


Elizabeth grew up in Flin Flon, Manitoba surrounded by rocky outcrops, lakes and the never ending boreal forest. She spent her summers at the cabin on Big Island Lake. Sunlight dancing on the water, trees and rocks inspire many of her paintings. The lap of the waves on the shore, the rustle of the wind in the trees, the call of the loon, the solitude and peace of that perfect spot inhabit her soul. She captures these feelings in her paintings using watercolour, acrylics, pastel, and mixed media on different surfaces to give the viewer a respite from this busy world and take them momentarily, at least, to a peaceful place.
She began painting eleven years ago after 33 years teaching in the public school system. She is a past president of Local Colour Art Group and as well a member of the Selkirk Community Arts Centre, The Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative (Art Expo) and The Manitoba Society of Artists.  Her paintings have been honoured with awards in juried shows and are exhibited across North America.


RETROSPECTIVELY SPEAKING: Mixed Media by Alphonsine Koehler
Opening Sunday, October 4 from 1 to 4 PM
And continues to October 30th


The show includes people I used to know and people I wish I had met, places where I have been and places I haven't yet seen.

It is an examination of how my perspective has developed and changed over the years. It offers an expression of my journey thus far, and my discovery that we are all connected - to each other, to nature and to all that exists in the universe. 


Alphonsine Koehler is a visual artist born in Ste. Rose du Lac, M.B. which is also where she currently resides. She works in acrylics, ink, watercolor, oil, clay sculpture and most recently, mixed media. She is primarily self-taught, with some formal study which includes art studies at the Prince Albert Arts Council in Saskatchewan with artist Gary Thurber (1978-79), Gail Adams School of Art in Saskatoon, SK. (1981-82), and a first year art class at the University of Saskatchewan with Professor Gary Bertieg (1988-89).

Since 1983, her work has been exhibited in venues and galleries in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Most recently a collection of ink drawings was shown at the Birchwood Gallery in Winnipeg (Aug.-Nov. 2014). Alphonsine has been tutoring individuals and teaching groups of students and adults since 1984, privately in her home studio and by contract with schools and various arts organizations. Most recently she taught bas-relief in clay to children and adults at the Dauphin Pottery & Ceramics Club (Oct.-Nov. 2014).

The art experience has been an embodiment of bane and bliss in the endeavor to create art that is apropos, and yet grants the inner child some playfulness. My fascination with faces is unwavering. It is an alluring challenge to look into the "windows of the soul" and attempt to render a reasonable interpretation. However, in the process of cultivating and honing the craft, I am experiencing a deeper sense and need to use art to examine my existence and my relationship to all that is...So goes my journey. 


AVIUM, A printmaking exhibit by Meg Hainstock and Stephen Petersen
Opening November 1 to December 2
Artist reception: Sunday, November 1 from 1 to 4 PM


A husband-and-wife printmaking duo explores images inspired by the word Avium.  Latin interpretation implies roads less traveled as well as the animal group Aves: the birds.  Thus, this will be an eclectic show of new works, with themes of freedom, flight and organic form woven throughout.


Petersen and Hainstock are professional wildlife biologists who express their enthusiasm for the natural world through printmaking.  Their work is created by carving images onto wooden blocks that are then inked and transferred to paper using a printing press. The results are original pieces of artwork that reflect a traditional craft passed on by Meg’s father, Bob Hainstock.


Annual group show
Opening Sunday, December 6 from 1 to 5 PM
and continues to December 30th

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