February 2020
James Culleton
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March 2020 Wawruck-Hemmett Never Alone.j

March 2020
Connie Wawruck-Hemmett
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Naomi Gerrard

May 2020 Kamenev Two Red Shoes.jpg

May & June 2020
Ruth Kamenev
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May 2020 Kraska Pretty Bird.jpg

May & June 2020
Bella Kraska
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May 2020 Pelletier-Laforge Family IMG_36

May & June 2020
Ginette Pelletier-Laforge
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July 2020
Talia Keyton

Wayne Arthur Gallery Exhibits 2020

*All events are subject to change.  Some dates still to be determined.

May & June 2020

LAST MINUTE ART SHOW by Ruth Kamenev, Bella Kraska and Ginette Pelletier-Laforge

From Friday, May 8 to Wednesday, July 1

Due to the Corona Virus there will be no artist reception. 

Other virus protocols will be followed such as no more than 10 people in the gallery at once and staying 2 meters apart and hand sanitizing upon entry.

About the Show:

“Due to the Corona virus the originally scheduled shows were cancelled. These three fabulous artists have agreed to bring in work for the show walls.

About the Artist:

Ruth Kamenev is a member of the Manitoba Society of Artists. She is an instructor of watercolour at the Forum Art Centre on Eugenie and Tache and has been the watermedia instructor at Arts West Art Retreat in Riding Mountain National Park. She invites you to view her work at Wayne Arthur Gallery on Provencher Blvd., and at www.ruth-kamenev.pixels.com


Bella Kraska was born in St Boniface Manitoba. After high school, she studied commercial art at Tec Voc.  While working at Eaton's Advertising Department she took drawing and sculpture at Art Symposium, where she developed a sense of form and design. Her knowledge of colour and texture, combined with her experience in merchandising were to become especially valuable when she opened Boutique Flavie, her own exclusive fashion boutique, which she ran for over 20 years. Upon retirement, Bella took watercolour classes with several notable instructors, in Winnipeg, Spain, and Mexico. Ultimately acrylic & oil became her medium of choice, although watercolours show up from time to time. Bella's great love of nature leads her walking in the heavily treed area near her home in Lorette.

She believes that we are all created, creative. (Maya Angelou)

Her work may be seen in several local Art Shows in Wpg. and at the Wayne Arthur Gallery in St Boniface.


Ginette Pelletier-Laforge: likes experimentation with various media. Her objective is to challenge what is common and to push the boundary with design elements that sometimes lead to an abstract end result. In the past few years Ginette has painted plein air with the Charleswood Art Group. Also a member of CAG, Ginette is fortunate to be surrounded by a rich tradition of visual artists. 

July 2020

EN PLEIN AIR MANITOBA: Paintings by Talia Keyton 

From July 4 to July 29

Artist Reception: Sunday, July 5 from 2 to 5 PM

About the Show:

Away from the madness of society, one is free to observe nature’s lessons. Violent erosion. The colours of lichen and moss. Grey rock, cracked, shattered and worn. A fallen tree. An owl’s nest. The carcass of a dead deer. There is infinite meaning and endless value in every view, if only we become quiet and open enough to read the scripture of the landscape.

With this series I aim to break free from the four walls of my studio and experience the act of painting 'En Plein Air” - in the open air. Painting from life is an extraction of time; a capturing of the essence of existence during a specific moment in the artist’s experience.

The paintings of this series are fresh off the easel, all created within the last three months. They seek to explore the act of observation, and most especially how experiencing discomfort can affect both the act and the outcome. My goal is to remain in greater equanimity with my surroundings as I attempt to place a bookmark in the current spirit, vitality and essential character of our local landscapes.

About the Artist:

Talia Keyton, originally from the U.K. now resides in the lovely little town of St. Eustache, Manitoba where she works from her home based studio to produce works of intense colour and content. Graduating from U of M with a degree in Environmental Design, Talia is now pursuing her lifelong passion for the arts. With her work, Talia aims to create a whimsical world of ideals - a combined reflection of her surroundings, with the way she thinks they ought to be. Influenced heavily by nature - Expression of life in general, and all the different ways that life can manifest; in endless possibilities of colours, sounds and shapes will never cease to inspire her.

 A large body of her work is also based on how she sees the world through “Color-graphemic synesthesia” – a neurological phenomenon in which written words, individual letters and numbers are all inherently coloured. Her synesthetic pieces all start with an individual word and a desire to capture the associated colours and sensations she experiences in their purest form. Talia invites you to view her work at Wayne Arthur Gallery and at www.tkkeyton.com

August 2020

Gregory Gendelman

September 2020

Svetlana Russco-Rychinskaya

October 2020

Ruth Kamenev

November 2020

Jerry Rubin

December 2020

Annual group show

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