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February 2020
James Culleton
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March 2020 Wawruck-Hemmett Never Alone.j

March 2020
Connie Wawruck-Hemmett
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April 2020
Naomi Gerrard

May 2020
20/20 VISION: Art by East of the Red Artists
Jackie Bockstael

May 2020
20/20 VISION: Art by East of the Red Artists
Jo-Ann Driedger-Kinash

May 2020
20/20 VISION: Art by East of the Red Artists
Bev Harasymuk

May 2020
20/20 VISION: Art by East of the Red Artists
Judy Sutton

June 2020
Sandra Dalton

July 2020
Talia Keyton

Wayne Arthur Gallery Exhibits 2020

*All events are subject to change.  Some dates still to be determined.

March 2020

JAMAIS SEUL: Art and poetry by Connie Wawruck-Hemmett in Honour of the Never Alone Foundation

From Friday. February 28 to March 31

Artist reception: Sunday, March 1 from 1 to 4 PM

About the Show:


By Connie Wawruck-Hemmett


A single word

Strikes the soul

With a fiery blade



The mind cringes

The heart aches

Feeling so alone

With cancer


But parent child

Spouse and friend

All are affected

By cancer


Each feels alone

Steeped in grief

Fearing the worst

From cancer


But solace is there

To ease lives

Of those affected

By cancer


A gathering of hearts

Filled with love

Help all in need

Beat cancer


You’re never alone--

Jamais seul--

Each day of life

With cancer.


This art exhibition is comprised of pieces as diverse as the vast numbers of people affected by cancer. It honours the Never Alone Foundation for its efforts to make cancer patients and their caregivers live each day with more ease, and a portion of the proceeds of all sales (20%) will be donated to the charity. The French version of the foundation’s name has been used to title the show in recognition of the gallery’s location in St Boniface, Winnipeg’s Paris on the Red.

About the Artist:

Connie Wawruck-Hemmett is a mostly self-taught visual artist who credits local artistic legend Ted Korol for first setting her on the road to expanding her artistic abilities during high school. Her plans at that time involved a future in costume design, but instead she ended up working in the new field of data processing. 


Since that time--even while becoming a mother, travelling the world with her offshore oilfield-working husband, acquiring two degrees in History from the University of Winnipeg (BA 1987, MA 1989), and working towards a PhD at Dalhousie University—she has always been involved in one type of art or another. Even Connie’s graduate-school work had to do with art, as she specialized in “reading” the visual representation of women in graphic drawings to be found in a 1930s Soviet youth newspaper. Unfortunately, the discovery of two brain tumors in 1994, a very invasive surgery, and a lengthy period of recuperation brought her studies to an end, but she continued “making art,” often using it as a form of therapy after being diagnosed with PTSD.  


It is only during the past ten years, however, that Connie has devoted more and more of her time and energy to her artistic pursuits, from fine needlework and clothing design, to jewelry design, ceramic art and painting with various mediums on a variety of substrates. Building on her academic teaching abilities, she now teaches classes in different art styles and techniques and is a certified ceramics instructor. Her work has appeared in a number of multi-artist shows, as well as in three solo exhibitions, and can often be seen at Winnipeg’s Cre8ery Gallery, Wayne Arthur Gallery, and the Edge Gallery. It is held in both private and public collections in Canada and the United States. Connie is also a member of the East of the Red Artists group and is organizing a show for its members at Wayne Arthur Gallery for May 2020.

April 2020


Opening Thursday April 2 from 7 to 9 PM 

And continues to Tuesday, April 28, 2020

About the Show:

Naomi incorporates prairie grains into her art, celebrating the importance of our agriculture. These grains command a deep respect and encourage a reflection on life, nature and our connections to the land. The health of our agriculture is vitally linked to the health of society.

In this project I have been exploring the energy of the prairies by incorporating the grains grown in the prairies into my art.  I have been working on this idea for a number of years and call it Multigrains of Energy.   I am inspired by the potential surging life of the individual grains planted annually in our prairies. Each individual grain has its own inherent personality, range of colours, shape and beauty. These grains collectively change the vast landscape of our prairies annually from the planting season to the harvest season. They spread energy, hope and beauty as they develop into nourishing food for us all. I incorporate these grains in my mixed media art works using many different grains that are grown in our prairies including canola, flax. wheat, oats, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, rye, alfalfa, Clover, mustard seeds and many more. I feel a connection to our prairies and am inspired by its surging life. 

There are about 50 of these mixed media works now touring galleries in rural Manitoba as seen in my exhibitions resume.  This body of works will have been seen in 9 galleries in 3 years and I am hoping they will continue to tour beyond Manitoba galleries. 

About the Artist:

Naomi Gerrard  grew up on a farm in Pensylvania.  She trained as a registered nurse and completed her B.F.A. in art at the University of Minnesota before immigrating to Canada in 1980 with her Canadian husband and children.  She is an active member of the Winnipeg art community.  In addition to participating in various workshops in Canada and the USA she has also taught classes and workshops.

The subject of her art work centers on family life.  She has often portrayed children at play in a landscape, mothers with children or families interacting.  Art for her is a search for a visual voice, for the light, spirit, sound and tensions of the moment.  She sometimes makes social statements through her art.    

The techniques she uses center around collage in a variety of media.   She makes her own paper and sometimes uses paper fibers to create texture on paper or canvas.  In addition, she incorporates other materials such as thread, yarn, cloth, plaster and prairie seeds, sand and natural materials.  Color is an integral element in her work.  

Art Works in collections include private collections as well as various organizations purchased works from galleries and from donated works such as the Hog Marketing Board, the School Trustees, UNIFEM,  Children’s Research Foundation and university, government and church groups.

Publications written about her art includes the Free Press and several rural Manitoba newspapers which were covering art exhibitions of her art through the years. Naomi’s art was published in several articles through the years as well as she is included in: Lysenko, T.(Ed.), Manitoba Visual Artists Index, 1983, p.28Stoppler, J./Dewar, L. (Ed.), The Manitoba Society of Artists: Artists Directory, 2003.

May 2020

20/20 VISION: Art by East of the Red Artists

Reception: Thursday, April 30, 7-9 PM to May 27

June 2020

OPEN CONCEPT: Mixed Media by Sandra Dalton

From May 29 to July 2, 2020

Opening Sunday, May 31 from 1 to 4 PM

July 2020

EN PLEIN AIR MANITOBA: Paintings by Talia Keyton 

From July 4 to July 29

Artist Reception: Sunday, July 5 from 2 to 5 PM

About the Show:

East of the Red         

Artists gather

To create their visions

Of the world    


Some take up their

Brushes and paint

Canvas or paper or

Wood or glass


Others use beads

Making fine art

To adorn the bodies

Of our folk.


Topics abound from

Earth and beyond

And the chi of nature

Sings along


Mountains and sea

Green fields and lakes

Landscapes and cityscapes

Greet the eye.


Polar bears watch

As young girls climb

And ducks dance with joyful



Song birds bees and

Bright butterflies

Kiss the orchids and then

Flit away.


All these come forth

From the minds and

Hearts and the very souls

Of artists…..


With 20-20 Vision

The Artists:

Arlene Rattai

Bev Harasymuk

Connie Wawruck-Hemmett

Corrine Flaws

Dave Feeney

Elma Rauser

Eva Slavicek

Ida MacKenzie

Irene Malone

Jackie Bockstael

Jo Smoley

Jo-Ann Driedger-Kinash

Judy Sutton

Kimberly Robak Radke

Lynne Rehbein

Maureen Wurch

Nancy Remple

Rose Glemas

Winona Kling

Yvonne Sabirsh

About the Show:

“Open Concept” is a mixed media collection. The year 2020 is a time to focus on clear, bright, positive visions. My art allows me to be open with creativity, with no barriers. Bright colours flow using alcohol ink. Detailed, architectural drawings. Visually, emotionally, free-flowing acrylic paintings. I am inspired using different mediums, techniques, and ideas. 2020 is a great time and great way to view what is in front of us all. I am excited for this show and the outlook it will provide through my art.

About the Artist:

Born in Ottawa into a military family, lived in St. Thomas, Ontario, England, Trenton, Ontario, Borden, Ontario and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Father is a retired General with the Canadian Armed Forces so life was experienced through very interesting eyes!

My artwork started out of necessity. Not out of a necessity for profit but out of a necessity for relief. My life has had many ups and downs and in 2012 it took a huge down. I suffered a severe back injury and my life became a turmoil of chronic pain. With chronic pain it is extremely difficult to concentrate. I was unable to read, I’ve never been a huge TV watcher. I needed something to take my mind off of the pain. I picked up a pencil and started drawing. Simple pencil drawings of flowers, animals, doodles were my first attempts. I then decided to try some more structured pen drawings of architecture; old, new, abandoned, historic. I could pick up a pen and sit up in bed for a few minutes at a time and escape from the pain. Through lots of medical intervention I have become more mobile but still very limited in certain things. My art is my escape! I am self-taught in all mediums that I have ventured to try. This is not a sad story nor a story of sympathy. It is a true narrative of how art has been my escape, my breaking free and my distraction

About the Show:

Away from the madness of society, one is free to observe nature’s lessons. Violent erosion. The colours of lichen and moss. Grey rock, cracked, shattered and worn. A fallen tree. An owl’s nest. The carcass of a dead deer. There is infinite meaning and endless value in every view, if only we become quiet and open enough to read the scripture of the landscape.

With this series I aim to break free from the four walls of my studio and experience the act of painting 'En Plein Air” - in the open air. Painting from life is an extraction of time; a capturing of the essence of existence during a specific moment in the artist’s experience.

The paintings of this series are fresh off the easel, all created within the last three months. They seek to explore the act of observation, and most especially how experiencing discomfort can affect both the act and the outcome. My goal is to remain in greater equanimity with my surroundings as I attempt to place a bookmark in the current spirit, vitality and essential character of our local landscapes.

About the Artist:

Talia Keyton, originally from the U.K. now resides in the lovely little town of St. Eustache, Manitoba where she works from her home based studio to produce works of intense colour and content. Graduating from U of M with a degree in Environmental Design, Talia is now pursuing her lifelong passion for the arts. With her work, Talia aims to create a whimsical world of ideals - a combined reflection of her surroundings, with the way she thinks they ought to be. Influenced heavily by nature - Expression of life in general, and all the different ways that life can manifest; in endless possibilities of colours, sounds and shapes will never cease to inspire her.

 A large body of her work is also based on how she sees the world through “Color-graphemic synesthesia” – a neurological phenomenon in which written words, individual letters and numbers are all inherently coloured. Her synesthetic pieces all start with an individual word and a desire to capture the associated colours and sensations she experiences in their purest form. Talia invites you to view her work at Wayne Arthur Gallery and at www.tkkeyton.com

August 2020

Gregory Gendelman

September 2020

Svetlana Russco-Rychinskaya

October 2020

Ruth Kamenev

November 2020

Jerry Rubin

December 2020

Annual group show