February 2020
James Culleton
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March 2020 Wawruck-Hemmett Never Alone.j

March 2020
Connie Wawruck-Hemmett
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Naomi Gerrard

May 2020 Kamenev Two Red Shoes.jpg

May & June 2020
Ruth Kamenev
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May 2020 Kraska Pretty Bird.jpg

May & June 2020
Bella Kraska
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May 2020 Pelletier-Laforge Family IMG_36

May & June 2020
Ginette Pelletier-Laforge
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July 2020 Keyton 20200120_161703 (2).jpg

July 2020
Talia Keyton
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August_2020 Dalton colours of manitoba (

August 2020

Sandra Dalton
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September 2020

Svetlana Russco-Rychinskaya
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October 2020

Luba Olesky
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November 2020

Jerry Rubin


Wayne Arthur Gallery Exhibits 2020

*All events are subject to change.  Some dates still to be determined.

November 2020

ART THAT POPS: Paintings by Jerry Rubin

From October 30 to December 2, 2020

About the Show:

Is it Pop Art, Contemporary Art, or Modern Art? It’s my art and I have no clue as to what it is, so I just call it “Art That Pops”.

I intend for my works to be bold, colourful, meticulous, and quirky; especially quirky. Each piece is meant to make a statement, not to simply occupy space on a wall as decoration but to grab attention. I set out to convey in my paintings the fun I have in creating them. Colourful? Yes, but having just said that let me contradict it with my latest series, ”My Shades of Grey” in which, big surprise, the paintings are all shades of…

My art hangs in homes, offices, and galleries virtually worldwide as I have exhibited in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Viva México, as it is there that I have been ‘The Artist in Residence’ at “The International Gallery” in Puerto Vallarta during the winter months for the last 6 years. Sweet gig, eh?

About the Artist:

Lifelong proud Winnipegger, educator, businessman, and artist. My motto in life is to have no regrets at the end of it, so if I have an idea of just about any sort I pursue it. Some work out, some don’t but the ride is always worth it. My wonderful wife calls me “a serial entrepreneur” and I’d go along with that. 


The art world is now my world. I painted and sketched voraciously until I was about 19 and then not at all, until I retired from business many years later. A pivotal moment at the beginning of my art revival was when I became friendly with a gallery owner in Key West, Florida. It struck me right in the creativity when she said, “All the paintings in my gallery are fabulous but none of them make me smile or are fun.” Bingo had been called and that became my mantra. 

September 2020

ART IS THE SONG OF THE SOUL: Paintings by Svetlana Russco-Rychinskaya
From September 4 to 30, 2020

About the Show:

What is the meaning of art? Really it is a voice from some place inside our soul. It is why I titled my show “Art is the Song of the Soul”.
We feel pleasure and warmth when we wake up in our bed and the light of the sun touches our soul. How is it able to show such unbelievable tenderness? The soul feels quiet and at peace and only in the silence of our mind can we pause and reach the centre, the home. Growing deeper inside you they are hiding but making you happy. It is this way that I express myself and place in the canvas my feelings about our beautiful Earth.
The Milky Way. Everyone sometimes looks up at the sky. Why? Because the soul feels quiet and at peace and only in the silence of the mind can we stop thinking about the many ways of distraction and reach only the road to the centre.

About the Artist:

Svetlana was born into a very artistic family in Moldova. Her father and grandfather were both artists. After graduating from art school, she had her work exhibited and bought by many private collectors in Europe and Canada. She moved to Canada in 2008. In 2014-2015, her paintings were hung on Portage Avenue by the Downtown BIZ. She paints in oils and acrylics. Her favourite themes are perennial – love, beauty, nature and the realm of fantasy – as something we might see in our dreams.

October 2020

MUSINGS IN ISOLATION: Paintings by Luba Olesky
From October 2 to 28, 2020

About the Show:

Taking this time of uncertainty, events being cancelled, an unknowing future, I took time to consider some ideas and finish paintings I had got stuck on, and others I had given up on.

With no pressure to produce, it became satisfying to work at leisure, trying fractured planes, stronger colours and using figures in action.  So I ended up with an eclectic show, hopefully good enough to engage you.

About the Artist:

I came to Canada from Germany, and have always felt closely tied with the immigrant experience. In 1967, I graduated from U of M as teacher and in 1983 I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Later, I pursued a career in psychiatric nursing, and continued to develop my artistic sensibilities. Currently I am a member of The Manitoba Society of Artists, Local Colour Art group, and the Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk, Manitoba. 

December 2020

CELEBRATION: Annual Group Show
From December 6 to 30, 2020

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